About Mark

I am a designer based in Edmonds, WA. Born in 1992 in Central Washington, I moved out to Seattle in 2010 to study art and visual communication at Seattle Pacific University. During my senior year, I gained my first client doing branding work as the lead designer for the organization Pivot Northwest. Since then, I have done work for local businesses in the Lynnwood-Edmonds area and I am looking to expand my clientele.

When I'm not busy with design work, I enjoy video games, board games (Lords of Waterdeep), checking out new places in the city, and coffee shops. There's nothing like the smell of espresso to make me feel good.

Mark Charcas has a fresh, clean, minimal style that aided in the presentation of our data. It didn’t overwhelm or distract from it, but rather made it more legible and the hierarchy of importance was clear. We are the envy of all the other institutions in our grant cohort because of this. Mark listened and tried to capture our vision and when we gave feedback, he listened again, giving us what we wanted as well as riffing on it to ensure we always had options to choose from. His designs inspired us and our feedback inspired him.

Whether it was designing our logo, letterhead or setting our research into a clear set of slides, he carefully balanced our need to be professional, but not business-y, academic, entrepreneurial, clean, stylish, accessible and reflect the region we serve.
— Martín Jimenéz: Program Manager for Pivot Northwest